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Develop your musicianship to the highest standard
Be the best you can be!

Here at SuPeREC we are passionate about

- Delivering a creative and fun way of learning how to connect with an instrument  as well as with yourself 

- Sharing the wealth of advantages that playing a musical instrument or singing  benefits from 

- Giving a love of music to students for life and beyond the grading system 

- Promoting happiness in people’s life and those around them 

Meet your Piano / Guitar Teachers


Peter's talent as a Pianist is at Top Level and he is more than happy to share his techniques and experiences with musicians who are determined to reach the highest standard. He is patient with his students and works to their personal needs. Lessons are in genres such as Pop, Rock, Jazz and Classical from beginners to advanced and professional level pianists.

Peter teaches piano up to Grade 8 Level and guitar for beginners as well as advanced players with scales, exercises, ear training techniques. Many of his students also enjoy learning songs they like instead of Graded Music and his experience as a professional songwriter takes his piano tuition to the next level

Guitar lessons are in genres such as Pop, Rock, Ska, Country & Western and Funk. Peter's piano and guitar playing can be heard throughout SuPeREC's Artist's production

Suzi specialises in Voice Coaching and also teaches piano for beginners up to Grade 3 Level ABRSM and RSL, she focuses on developing a happy, healthy relationship and mindset between each student and his instrument before passing them onto Peter from Grade 4 onwards

Suzi has a unique approach to each student by understanding the way they think and she strategically creates a platform for them to successfully follow their passion. She also uses many of her mindset techniques and her 15 year experience of live performing are incorporated into her teaching

This allows her students to understand not only their instrument but also the way they think about themselves as a potential future performer, songwriter, artist

Peter also offers One to One online sessions as a Music Production Teacher for anyone who would like to learn those precious little tricks of creating their own tracks with a great sounding final result at the comfort of their own home!

Production lessons include the following in genres such as Pop, Rock, Dance, R&B, Hip Hop, Ska, Orchestral, and Musical Theatre

- Producing
- Arranging
- Mixing
- Writing
   and more

Theory teaching is very important part of becoming an Artist in all aspects! Knowing the terminology used in studios, performances and day to day meetings with important people in the industry saves a lot of money and embarrassing moments of not knowing what others are talking about. Training your brain as well as vocals is a start of a path in the right direction.

Suzi teaches beginners in Terminology and Theory especially around Vocals and Peter offers advanced knowledge of Theory which benefits all - musicians, producers and singers.

Please speak to us for more details


SuPeREC offers a preparation for Music exams

SuPeREC offers a preparation for Music exams

Many music students like to take exams as a mark of their progress. There is a choice of examining board for students who are learning an instrument in the contemporary (RSL) or classical (ABRSM) tradition.


RSL was founded on an ethos to provide innovative, contemporary qualifications for music and the arts.



The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music is an internationally renowned music examining board.


"My son loved his song/guitar writing course with Peter. The fun sessions brought together all the learning and practice and the song they wrote and recorded was amazing and professional we will definatelly do this again!"

"Working with Peter has been always an inspiring experience. He has a niche for hearing what you can't necessarily hear, giving you another look into what your sound could potentially become. Peter has engineered and produced most of the tracks I've done, and I can guarantee you will not get anything less of the best of your track. I will definitely continue working with Peter in the future. Thank God for blessing him with such an amazing gift. Forever thankful."

"My Songwriting Course was really good fun, I learnt lots on it that I didn’t even know were included in songwriting! I found writing the lyrics and recording the most fun part but it was all really good fun. I think the course was great and I would definitely recommend it to others, I am going to show my song to all my family and friends and I really want to make another one in the future as I really enjoyed making this one, thank you very much Suzi & Peter for helping me write such a wonderful song!"

Let us teach you how to play


Piano & Keys

RSL contemporary piano and Keys, ABRSM classical or Jazz piano



RSL acoustic and electric guitar


Music Theory

RSL Popular or ABRSM classical music theory

What is it that the client will come out with at the end?

- Deep understanding of their instrument and theory

- Learn about themselves by studying how they react to particular challenging      situations

- Ability to express themselves in a free, artistic and positive way

- Connect with their true emotions, learn how to master them and use them for  creative songwriting

- Different perspective on things that seemed impossible

- Positive and ‘yes I can’ attitude

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